Tips and Tricks for You which Most Professional PUBG Gamers Follow



Everyone is busy working these days and often don’t have time to sit in front of a desktop or gaming console to play games. Well, due to smartphones they don’t have to miss out all fun others experience playing one of the best survival game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Yes, the mobile version lets a player have all the fun and also allows using PlayerUnknown battlegrounds pubg hack. Having the gameplay tips along with adequate cheats will aid one being the last survivor in the island. has all the information you need. 

1. Selecting clothes

This is a combat game; hence, the ideal suited clothes are the camouflaged ones. They make it difficult for an enemy to detect, ensuring longer survival. Though people can choose other colourful clothes, it is not such a bright idea as colourful clothes make one visible even from a distance. Also, a sniper could easily shoot and eliminate from a long distance.

2. Get acquainted with maps

A map is a way to detect everything a gamer requires to win a match. So, getting familiar with it is vital. The battle arena starts shrinking after a point, which is why an individual knowing the map well will swiftly move to safer locations. For proper navigation, one can simply set the marker and follow it accordingly. Knowledge about maps and PUBG esp hack makes one invincible.

3. Correct timing to make the jump from a plane

An aircraft takes players to the gaming location where they need to reach the ground with the help of a parachute. So, when making jump make sure you are not directly dropping in the area where most players are landing.

Moreover, with the help of the buttons on the left-hand side of a mobile screen, land on the ground quickly. Also, reaching the ground quicker than other players means one gets the opportunity to gather better weapons. Better weapons with PlayerUnknown battlegrounds hacks ensure remarkable performance.

In addition, to select an appropriate location, one can release the parachute at an early moment. This gives people a chance to hover over the location and land at the place he/she wants.

4. Enable auto pickup

Players need to pick up essential resources such as weapons, ammo, first aid kits, etc. to ensure their survival. Hence, it is a superb idea to enable the auto-pickup option in the game. Moreover, this offers a player to replace their belongings with higher powered ones.

4. Collecting sights

There are different scopes available in the game. So, choosing the one that is adjustable with a player’s weapon makes hitting targets easy. Also, with proper sights, one can shoot targets at a long distance. With PUBG esp hack and adequate scopes, eliminating players becomes a lot easier.

5. Right Weapons for getting the job done

It is essential for a player to choose the correct weapon. A person can carry a primary and a secondary weapon. For short range, pistols and shotguns work well, SMG helps in firing at rapid succession. Assault rifles are all-rounders. For the best combination, try finding assault rifles and SMG in the battle arena.

Using these gameplay tips along with PlayerUnknown battlegrounds hacks increases the amount of fun a gamer can have. So, get this game’s mobile version today and start enjoying it even when travelling.

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